Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer Glau back with a bang in Serenity 2


Summer Glau is working on her next project. Even though she is working in the movie knights of badassdom there are rumors that she is going to be part of her famous movie serenity in serenity 2. Rumors say that this time she will be a hell of commando and will be more destructive than the last time.

Summer glau in serenity part one was young and didnt had that much part to play in acting. This time her role is large and has more action scenes as she will be one of the lead artists. Summer glau said these are just rumors but there is a hype in hollywood these days that serenity 2 will go under production very soon.

Summer glau also said if it was true i would not deny but there are no facts in it. Summer glau a little out of touch these days from movies as she is working on a big project knights of badassdom. She said this movie will rock the hollywood and also the mass audiences around the world.

Summer glau said serenity experience was good and learned a lot from it. But what is more important that i should first think about those projects which i have on my hand. Serenity if it is true i will let the whole world know.

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