Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prediction: A.S.A.D (South africa will win against West Indies in cricket world cup 2011)

7th Match, Group B
West Indies
South Africa

From 14:00 / 24.02.11
Feroz Shah Kotla Delhi,India
South Africa 

South Africa versus Westindies. Finally a tough match in the world cup of cricket 2011. So now does A.S.A.D has to say about this. Will south africa win it or west indies are going to out play them. So lets see the statistics and astrological systems applied on data and conclude the results before hand.

According to statistics south africa is a much better and strong team. So chance of westindies in this aspect will low. So statistically south africa will out play west indies. If we look at the astrological systems applied on data we find that westindies is more stronger team than south africa.

Now when A.S.A.D combined with statistics it shows that South Africa has upper hand and south africa would win the match of cricket world cup 2011. So first match of south africa and west indies is going to be won by South africa. Though the match will not be one sided.

Players to look for are hasim amla, johan botha, chris gayle, sarwan and morkel

Better luck next time for west indies.

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