Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mischa Barton back in Gym for "THE SIXTH SENSE 2"


Mischa Barton is all set to work in new movie after a long time. She is in and out as she gained weight over the year and her weight became a psychological problem. She is finally into gym and losing her weight. She has realized now that to be on the top of her game she has to work day and night.

This is what she is doing for her new movie. This movie is a sequel of "THE SIXTH SENSE". As we know Bruce Willis was one of the lead artist of this movie and this time its again him. Both the artists were asked to come back and play in this movie agian. Its said that this time the director plans to bring in some action and that is why he has asked Mischa Barton to lose weight as she will be playing an action girl.

Bruce Willis is already a super hero and he will also be more glamorous than before in this movie. This time it will be more tough for Mischa Barton as she will be coming out of Rehab and getting straight into action pack "THE SIXTH SENSE" sequel 2.

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