Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emma Watson has a crush on..................


Emma Watson has a crush on strawberry sorbet. Emma we know the girl from harry porter revealed in an interview to a magazine that she is crazy about strawberry sorbet. She says that she is so crazy that she will do anything for it.

She revealed that once she even stole money from her moms wallet just to buy it. overall she says loves ice cream of any flavor but sorbet is something she fell in love when she was a kid. Emma said that she loves going down the street with her friends and having ice cream on the way but now she cannot do it.

She misses her old days when she was free to walk around and giggle with her close friends. She feels that her privacy is gone and her life even though has money is not the same it used to be. Sometimes even artists need time and space from their own fans.

Emma watson also revealed that she still smiles a lot whenever she remembers the time of her when being all free from the world of media. She does not deny the fame but does have regret of not being free. That is why when at home strawberry sorbet just takes me to my lovely childhood and past.

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Prediction: A.S.A.D (Bangladesh will win against Ireland in cricket world cup 2011)

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