Friday, February 25, 2011

A.S.A.D: Pakistan beat Srilanka in tomorrow's fixture


10th Match, Group A
Sri Lanka

From 14:00 / 26.02.11
R Premadasa Stadium Colombo,Srilanka
Sri Lanka 

Tomorrow's match is also very crucial match but the question is who will be the winner. From the looks of applied data srilanka is at the top. they are more better team on paper as well as on the field. they have good bowlers, good fielders and over good all rounders and batsmen. So overall pakistan chances are slim. But this is just applied data meaning only statistically.

But if we look at the astrological systems applied on data (A.S.A.D) it shows that pakistan will be the winner. Yes, pakistan will win the match. It will not be easy but pakistan will win. Pakistan will play well in all the departments and will shake the srilankan players.

Statistically it shows srilanka who should win but when A.S.A.D is applied it shows that pakistan will win and be the better team in tomorrow's match. Now the players to look for are afridi, shoaib akhtar, akmal brothers from pakistan side and from srilankan side are mahela jayawardene, tharanga and herath.

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