Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Libya free from Gen. Gaddafi


Plans have been made to finally free libya from the rule of gen. gaddafi. Gaddafi is denying any such thing and saying that he will not leave the country at any cost but actually he is making plans with the help of foreign officials to take him out of the country.

The army is all set to take over the country and free the people of libya from the rule of gen. gaddafi who has ruled them for over 40 years. People are sick and tired of it and want change. Actually the people of libya do not realize that even gaddafi leaves them for good, they do not have a leader. The opposition is weak.

Gaddafi is right about one thing that these riots are taking place with the help of foreign intervention. Everything was going fine but suddenly the riots took place. Same case for egypt. Nothing wrong was for egypt but foreign intervention just made it worse.

Libyians are not realizing that they are going to die if they do not have a proper muslim leader who would lead them from the front. A leader which all muslim countries are waiting for. Rumors are becoming facts that pakistan is also on this list of riots by international sources.

Majority of the world is at peace but where there are muslims countries the peace is f__k_d up. Why only muslims have to suffer why not the hole world. Look at the history and list of sequences. Egypt, libya, bahrain, saudi arabia, iraq, kuwait, iran, african muslim countries, kashmir, afghanistan, you name it only muslim countries suffer.

We know no matter what Gaddafi says the international source will get libyians free from the rule of General Gaddafi.

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