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Sandra Bullock got slapped

There are rumours that Sandra Bullock was moving around in market. She was looking around for a specific shop. She bumped into a guy and she quickly said sorry. She thought that the man in return would say sorry as well but to her shock she could not believe what he had said.
He used the F word for her and told her to get lost. Sandra Bullock could believe that she was walking in a society where normally people are nice and polite but the guy who was well dressed. Sandra told him that he should behave but he did not and kept on using the F word frequently. Sandra realized that it is useless to talk to such a person who does not know how to talk to a woman. She was about to turn around that guy simply slapped her. Sandra Bullock could not believe it. She started crying loudly and the people gathered around. Even nearby police came as well. By the time everyone came that guy has ran away in his car. Some say the number of the car was noted and some say they did not see anything just hear the sound of scream. Sandra Bullock is still in shock that why that guy had slapped her as there was nothing bad happening at that particular time. Perhaps her Zodiac was running bad at that time.

Kim Kardashian’s Upskirt Video

There are rumours that Kim Kardashian at Los Angles famous hotel was standing in the lobby when the upskirt happened. She is famous for her show off’s. She is famous for her sexy performances in magazines and on TV. She is famous for being a sex machine. She could not believe that in such a good hotel such could happen.
She was standing in the lobby waiting for someone. A guy passing by him grabbed his skirt and made an upskirt. The rumours say that she was wearing a white thong and her beautiful big tight arse was visible and she had a camel toe that made headlines in the media world. Kim tried to get her skirt down but she was hopeless. He did it few seconds and when Kim started screaming loudly and then the guy ran out quickly from the lobby. The security tried to run him but it was too late as a car outside the hotel lobby was waiting for him. Perhaps that guy had an assailant. Police was called and the video was seen. Well upskirt video was also seen. Many say that it will be uploaded on the internet. Kim Kardashian does not want the video to come on internet as it is very revealing and it will become an enjoyment for millions around the world. She is more worried about video and the photos.

Katy Perry Kisses Gerard Butler

There are rumours that Katy Perry was seen with Gerard Butler in Los Angles elite area restaurant. She was there alone with him. Meaning, the whole restaurant was booked and no one else was allowed except the restaurant staff. Such kind of things happens usually in movies but it happened in real for Katy Perry and Gerard Butler.
Katy Perry with Gerard hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Katy Perry is more famous than him but then why Gerard. Perhaps they are in love or perhaps currently they are in a relation just to get more hype from the media. The rumour was revealed by one of the restaurant media. The rumours say that soon pictures will be leaked to show the proof of this meeting. Katy Perry also kissed Gerard many a times and it showed that they are in love said by the restaurant staff. Katy Perry is young and very good performer who does not need cheap media coverage. Maybe she is in love with him or maybe it is just a rumour or maybe she is shooting for her next video in which Gerard is the hero. Only time can let us if it is true or not but Katy Perry is currently the pop sensation who is more stronger than Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and many more. Read this sizzler: Jessica Simpson bold and beautiful

Jessica Simpson bold and beautiful

There are rumours that Jessica Simpson was caught in bikini with John Abraham. John Abraham is an Indian actor and model. He is doing great in Indian movies. And he is a heart throb of millions of Indian girls. Jessica Simpson was at an Italian beach with her family and there she met John Abraham.
John Abraham was there with her new girl friend Alina. Alina is unknown to the media world but she is a Russian upcoming model who is also working in some Indian projects. Well, the rumours are that Jessica and John met each other. Even though Jessica had a lot of weight but still John showed interest in her. They both walked together and had a long talk while walking. They both looked happy. Alina did not mind it and in fact she was enjoying it as well. That was really strange when your girlfriend is there and you are not with her and talking to another person. John and Jessica both had something going on from the looks of it. From there, it did not end. They both after that went to the hotel where they were staying. The rumours say that they both had gone to a room and had sex. Well, what’s wrong with John Abraham having sex with a girl who is so huge? I guess his taste has changed after the break up with Bipasa Basu. Jessica Simpson is on the high side these days and is trying to rock her body with others. Read this sizzler: Mariah Carey’s Pole Dance Video

Mariah Carey’s Pole Dance Video

There are rumours that Mariah Carey got drunk at a local bar with her friends. She was invited there by her friends to have dinner and some drinks. The world knows that she loves drinking so mainly that party was about drinking. She got so drunk that she did not know what was going around her. She forgot where she was and did stupid things.
One of the things she did was a strip dance on a pole. She took off her shirt and a clear bra was now visible. She got on the stage to a pole and did dirty dancing. Even though Mariah Carey is overweight and huge in size but still some say did hot sexy dance. Majority their enjoyed her dance and wanted her to do more stripping. The rumours say that she even tried to take off her pants but her friends did not let her do it. But her pole dance was something even her friends enjoyed it. There are rumours that Mariah Carey even gave a sneak peak of her boobs for few seconds. She quickly gave a tour of her huge size breast to the people at the bar. Now, the problem is not she showed but the problem is pictures and videos have been made. The technology is now so easy to get and many had nice phones with HD video and picture resolution. They took her pictures and made video. The videos are still hiding but it is said that soon a TV channel will break the news about it. When the media tried to contact her she simply refused this report and said that she is not a hard core drinker and second nothing had happened. It is all just a rumour. Read this news: Taylor Swift hottie naughty

Taylor Swift hottie naughty

There are rumours that Taylor Swift is working on her upcoming album called hottie naughty. This is the album where she is going to show the world that she is no more a bubbly girl who is cute, sweet and simple. This album will reveal her true young girl character as what she wants.
Taylor Swift is going semi-nude in the music videos of this album. She has planned it and now implementing it. She also hired a proper cinematographer and a stylist who is going to help her look good while she is semi-nude. She wants to be a more dominant on teenagers and youngster with more strong looks. The rumours say that she is tired of being bubbly and sweet. She wants the world to see her new side and also wants the world to enjoy her. She is planning on a series of wallpapers, pictures, videos and title pages that will be displayed on her official website later on this year. The pictures, videos and wallpapers will be free for the world to see and download. Taylor Swift just simply wants a new look and this look will be very bold, hot and very naughty. Taylor as we know can sing well but from the looks of it looks like a child. But this time she is going to break all the rules of entertainment in her upcoming album and its music videos. Read this sizzler: Shakira Stripping off

Shakira Stripping off

There are rumours that Shakira is going to work in a bollywood movie. She is also going to sing songs for the movie. The contract is under way and a lot of money has been offered to her for this purpose. The rumours that almost 5$ million will be paid to her to work in the movie and sing.

The producer is a close friend of Shakira that is why a discounted offer but still for her consent to work in an Indian movie is shocking. She has never worked before in Indian cinema so this would be a new experience for her. She knows the Arabic culture but not Indian.

The role of Shakira is also defined. She is going to work as a stripper in the movie. Some rumours say that she has been offered 20$ million to work in the movie. The reason is that she is going to strip off her clothes and will semi-nude. Some are saying that for the first time she might show her complete naked back in the movie.

Strip off by Shakira will be a treat to watch and enjoy. Still they are rumours at the moment. The co-stars are not confirmed yet but rumours saying that John Abraham might be the male leading artist in the movie who will work as a “Pimp” for Shakira the stripper.

Let’s wait and see when it becomes a legal document.

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Karishma Kapoor Dancing Diva in DTPHDW

Karishma Kapoor Dancing Diva in DTPHDW

There are rumours that Karishma Kapoor is going to work again in the sequel of “Dil tou Pagal hai Dil Dewana hai”. Yes, the rumours are spreading like fire. She has been asked to work again in the part 2. This time she will be the dancing diva and the main lead artist. The other artists are not known yet but they rumours are saying that it will not be Madhuri Dixit.

The rumours say that Madhuri is outdated, old and has gained weight a lot whereas Karishma Kapoor is still sexy and pretty. The other female artists are said to be Aishwariya Rai and male artist are said to be Abhishek Bachan and Shahrukh Khan. The twist in the movie is that Shahrukh will be with Aishwariya and Abhishek will be with Karishma Kapoor.

Currently the movie is being finalized and Aishwariya Rai being pregnant so the movie most probably will start next year. Karishma Kapoor when contacted by the media said no comments. This means something is going on and she will be the sexy dancing diva in the sequel.

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Pamela Anderson’s “Come Back” Nude Show

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