Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lauren London in Lingerie

There are rumors that Lauren London is going to launch her own brand of Lingerie. Well this thing not that new as many celebrities do come out with their brands like perfumes and cosmetics. Well the sizzling rumor related to this news is that she is going to model herself for her lingerie marketing campaign.

Well , well, well.  The question here arises is she capable enough and also looks wise to handle her own lingerie brand. Then she has given birth i mean her body is not up to date.

Well the second part of rumor is this that she has started working out and soon we will see her as a smart and sexy girl. Her hubby Lil Wayne is supporting her idea and is given her all financial, moral and emotional support .

Lauren London has not finalized the brand name for her lingerie but she has finalized that she is going to be the main screen model for her own lingerie brand.  But there are rumors that she might name the brand LLL as her name is Lauren London and she is launching lingerie so Lauren London Lingerie (LLL). And its also said that she might go even nude for the campaign. Only time will tell if she is really doing it or not.

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