Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mariah Carey’s Pole Dance Video

There are rumours that Mariah Carey got drunk at a local bar with her friends. She was invited there by her friends to have dinner and some drinks. The world knows that she loves drinking so mainly that party was about drinking. She got so drunk that she did not know what was going around her. She forgot where she was and did stupid things.
One of the things she did was a strip dance on a pole. She took off her shirt and a clear bra was now visible. She got on the stage to a pole and did dirty dancing. Even though Mariah Carey is overweight and huge in size but still some say did hot sexy dance. Majority their enjoyed her dance and wanted her to do more stripping. The rumours say that she even tried to take off her pants but her friends did not let her do it. But her pole dance was something even her friends enjoyed it. There are rumours that Mariah Carey even gave a sneak peak of her boobs for few seconds. She quickly gave a tour of her huge size breast to the people at the bar. Now, the problem is not she showed but the problem is pictures and videos have been made. The technology is now so easy to get and many had nice phones with HD video and picture resolution. They took her pictures and made video. The videos are still hiding but it is said that soon a TV channel will break the news about it. When the media tried to contact her she simply refused this report and said that she is not a hard core drinker and second nothing had happened. It is all just a rumour. Read this news: Taylor Swift hottie naughty


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