Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gen. Gaddafi has fled Libya


There are sure shot rumors that general gaddafi has fled libya as of today 23rd feb 2011. He was just waiting for the right moment when an international country would come and take him away. Its said that he has fled to some europeon country. The destination is unknown but he has fled.

Also with him, his 200 female gaurds have also gone. He loves his gaurds and all female body gaurds. I guess gaddafi cannot live without them and that is why he opted to take them with him. He has taken money, and other valuables from the crown fort of  libya.

His palace has been over taken by the army and now negotiations are taking place between army and the opposition. There are chances that opposition will not be allowed to take a seat at the presidency. The army wants to rule themselves like gen. gaddafi did for 40 years.

But this is shocking rumors that general gaddafi fled libya with his 200 escort of beautiful female body gaurds.

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Libya free from Gen. Gaddafi

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