Friday, February 25, 2011

A.S.A.D: India beat England on sunday


11th Match, Group B
From 14:00 / 27.02.11
M Chinnaswamy Stadium Kolkata,IndiaIndia England

Another important fixture on sunday. Now who will be the winner. England going strong and also india is at the top of its game. So it will be difficult to decide by a comman man. But we do analysis statistically and also astrologically we can know who will be the winner.

Statistically both teams have a chance as both of them are extremely in form and also they both want to win but at the end of the day only one will be the winner. If we apply A.S.A.D (astrological systems on applied data) we see that India is the winner not england.

India will perform well and even the bowling of india will do wonders against england. The match will be interesting and fun. My previous predictions have been true and can be checked on my blog.

The players to look out for are sehwag, yuvraj, dhoni, zaheer khan from indian side and from england side are paul collingwood, swan and stuart broad

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