Saturday, January 29, 2011

Barak Obama and Egyptian Muslims Future

Well i do not see any future of Egypt now. What it seemed to be a peaceful country now seems like a dead one and soon a vanished one. We all muslims will always face such problems as we are not united. Barak Obama the president of USA wants Mubarak to fulfill his promise towards his nation. Well he is trying is level best and also Egypt aint that bad in Economy at the moment. But now i am sure its worse.

Egyptian muslims future is now at stake. I do not know about the others nations and races living there but muslims will surely suffer.

Like muslims in pakistan are suffering. Recently the killing of muslims(Pakistani) by American nationalists. If this was done in America i am sure that person would have been called a terrorist. Well UN exists then why still is'nt there peace.

Barak Obama needs to apply some good foreign policies for the muslim world. We all want peace but to have peace we need to stand united. And this can only happen if the powerful nations of the world like usa, china, uk, germany unite and help other third world countries.

Egyptian history is tortured now because of the riots taking place. The government is falling down. And as usual the muslim countries are doing nothing.

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Hoax - Attack on Earth in Feb 2011

There are predictions that in the month of february 2011 aliens will attack the earth. Well well well. My questions is to nasa, usa, uk , china and many other super power nations scientists and physicists that if this is the case then they should have attacked us a long time back. i mean they are so superior than us. more advance than us. i am sure we live in stone age if compared to them. then why they have to wait.

i guess its a big hoax like many other things. like y2k bug was a hoax as nothing happened to computers. so i am sure this attack thing is also a hoax.

Nothing is going to happen. Just chill.

Karan Johar Swings

Karan Johar Revealed in a local magazine in india that he likes woman a lot but is not happy with any woman. This statement is a little disturbing for the fans of Karan Johar. As you see from the statement it looks like he swings the other way around. And also if one looks at his attitude and style and the way he speaks now it seems possible that he does swings the other way around. but this thing should not be taken negative as its just a statement not a pure true fact. Perhaps he had some bad mishap in his relationship that is why he said that.

Anyways lets hope its nothing of that sort and he is not into such things even though in india marriage with male to male is now official.

Salman Khan Dies - Breaking news of 2011


Salman Khan dies not in real but in the upcoming sequel of Dabangg. He will play has a lead role as a cop but at the end of the movie the plot has been set for his death. Rumours say that they want to make Dabangg three as well in which the son of chulbul panday will be the hero. Now the question dabangg two with the death of Salman Khan in it, will audience accept it or reject it. Its easy to say now dabangg part 2 is on a role but will be as hit as part 1. And there are rumours that salman will play with a new upcoming female artist. As usual Salman Khan always wants new fresh faces for his movies and thats not new. Lets wait and see.

And what new will come to it after munni. Will there be a sequel of Munni 2 as well. Maybe this time they might use the original song Munna Badnaam hua in sequel 2.

Well we have to wait and see what happens next.

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Novak Djokovic wins Australian open 2011

My prediction about men's single match at Australian Open.

From the hard and strong looks it feels like that Andy Murray will win the Australian open Tennis. But if one look at stats, figure and on court game experience Novak has more chance.

So my prediction and thumbs up is for Novak. No doubt Andy Murray has shown great class and composure but Novak has proven to be more agile, experienced and calm customer on the field.

Andy Murray is more of a show off than a complete player. He still has a long way to go. Novak is definitely the better of the lot. And he will definitely will win australian open 2011.

My vote, prediction and believe is for Novak Djokovic.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Australian Open 2011: Na Li Wins

My prediction:

I believe that in Australian Open 2011 history will be created and a chinese player will win it. Na Li is showing off great class and charisma in her game. She has shown that she can beat anyone and i believe she still has more juice in her to bring out the best on the day of final's. Kim Clijster no doubt is also at the top of her game but what Na Li has in her this year Kim Lacks.

My prediction is Na Li will win Australian Open 2011.

Match will be awesome and it will not be one sided. It will be interesting to see how Kim Behaves as there is more pressure on her than Na Li.

Share your comments.

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