Friday, February 25, 2011

Four acting maestros: Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together for the first time


Four legends of hollywood industry are getting together to work in an epic drama of assassins. Robert De niro, Sean Connery, Anthony hopkinds and Al Pacino for the first time in the history of any cinema to work together.

All these four stars have not worked together in one movie. This is first time that these legends will work together and show their class. Its said that all these actors have same role to play and that is of assassin.

The story is like this that all these great actors used to work together on different assignments for C.I.A. A time came in their life when all retired but all of them knew a lot to be let lived. That is the C.I.A director decides to kill them all. In doing so, the C.I.A director asks them to meet for their gratuity at a hotel.

All four senior actors come together to meet. There, they talk and remember their old times when they all realize that this is a trap. The C.I.A director thought that they are old and they can be easily killed but it was just a dream that could not come true. The four assassins even though old work together and kill gaurds at the hotel and from their the run chance starts.

The four assassins are still trying to find out who wants them killed and they investigate further by using their skills. This movie will be fun, with action and definitely with drama. We know all these great actors robert de niro, sean connery, al pacino and anthony hopkins have a class of their own.

It will be a great epic to see if this rumor is really true. I am definitely gonna wait for this movie to come out. The story is out and this is the official blog where this story has been revealed and so all the credit goes to me.

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Anonymous said...

wow. it would be awesome to see such greats in one movie with loads of action

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