Sunday, February 20, 2011

Selita Ebanks next queen of Akshay Kumar


Selita Ebanks after being a successful model is coming to india to help young indian models as a career. She is planning to open her own modeling agency and she is going to start from india. She will select these models and will take them international. She believes that india has a lot potential and she wants to use this pontential to a maximum length.

Selita Ebanks is also asked to work in one of indian movies and guess who is that guy. None other than our own Akshay Kumar. They met each other when Selita was in india for an assignment. They met at a party and Akshay talked to her about a role and she rumors say that has agreed to it. Selita as her new actress in the upcoming movie.

Selita is pretty and no doubts on her modeling skills but as an actor and that to in indian movie well thats hard to believe. But hey its akshay who wants something new in his movies as he knows himself that his movies do not have stories only new faces, songs and acts.

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