Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marion Cotillard is a Manimal


There are rumors that Marion Cotillard is working on a secret project. This secret project is about a TV series. Its said that she is going to be a part of a TV series that is loved by millions. New series are coming out and Marion is one of the lead artist in it.

The rumors say that the TV series is Manimal. An old TV series but never forgotten. This time it will be more glamorous and technology is there it will help the audiences to have a more real life time experience. Manimal is about a scientist who by accident becames a man and an animal. He is now a manimal.

Marion says that TV experience is something which one should have. Like Johnny Depp and many other great artist were a part of TV experience and so would i like to be as well. I hope this manimal tv serial would give a boost to my career.

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