Friday, February 25, 2011

A.S.A.D: West Indies beat netherlands in cricket world cup 2011


13th Match, Group B
West Indies

From 14:00 / 28.02.11
Feroz Shah Kotla Delhi,India
West Indies 

Another match which is not considered as much important but still its important for teams to gain points. West Indies will want to win. So will they win it against Netherlands. As netherlands has shown in their last match that they have match winning players in batting. Yes there bowling department is very weak but batting is awesome. So who will win west indies or netherlands.

Statistically west indieas very powerful. If we look at the astrological systems on applied data (A.S.A.D) we see that west indies will defeat netherlands easily.

Players to look for are chris gayle, bravo brothers, sarwan and darry sammy.

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