Sunday, February 20, 2011

Penelope Cruz naughtier than ever


There are rumors that Penelope Cruz is having an affair with Brad Pitt. Wow. Brad Pitt and Penelope. Could this be true. Its said that they boy are seen together at parties and functions. Perhaps penelope cruz wants to move  career and she needs a big star. Penelope cruz as we know is more a show off celebrity than a pure actress. Her goodies make her more famous than her acting.

She is worried that this label would not last for long. As she knows that beauty is not forever but talent can lead to a successful career. She is worried if she does not do something about it now then she will not be able to do anything later on. That is why she is seeking help of brad pitt who can help her in getting some movies or even role in tv series.

Brad Pitt is a very good friend of penelope cruz and that is why he is helping her. Penelope cruz also said to her friends that she is so desperate that she is ready to do anything to come back. She knows this means by even getting stripped infront of millions. There are more rumors that penelope cruz is working to have her photoshoot taken with different magazines and not just any magazines but x-rated magazines.

Lets see if this rumor is true or just a hoax.

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