Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prediction: A.S.A.D (Bangladesh will win against Ireland in cricket world cup 2011)


9th Match, Group B

From 13:30 / 25.02.11
Shere Bangla National Stadium Dhaka,Bangladesh

Bangladesh performed well in their first match against india even though they lost it. But they gave their 100% and showed that on any given day they have the ability to beat anyone. So in future matches they will perform will. Like they will in their second match against Ireland.

Statistically irealand is a very weak team and they do not have match winning players. And when A.S.A.D (astrological systems applied on data) also show that they do not stand a chance against bangladesh. So overall it means that bangladesh will win their second match.

ireland would need to work really hard. Even though no team is going to take the under dogs lightly but we know that they will not perform well.

Bangladesh will be victories. the players to look out for are tamim iqbal, islam.

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