Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kat Dennings Seductive in Troy 2


There are rumors that kat dennings wants to focus on her next action pack movie. The action pack movie is said to be a sequel of Troy 2. She is given a role of body gaurd of the young prince. The prince and the young female gaurd fell in love. The troy 2 hero is not yet revealed but its said it might be daniel radcliffe with kat dennings.

Kat dennings as we know is glamorous and she has the guts to do anything for anything. She has done it before and will not mind doing it again. Kat dennings say that she is toning up her body for the actions. Well those actions scenes are not just of fight but also kat dennings will go nude and have very seductive scenes in the movie.

Could this be really true that daniel radcliffe and kat dennings together in love and nude scenes. I guess millions of girls around the world would love to see daniel naked. we have seen kat nude before but to see them both nude is something to watch out. Daniel radcliffe denied any rumors about troy 2. He says there is no such thing happening.

But rumors are confirming that kat dennings is working out and is seen in parties with daniel to finalize the scripting of the troy 2.

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