Monday, February 21, 2011

Anne Hathaway new movie a big sex blunder


Anne hathaway's new movie love, sex and drug was not a good one. It had no good story and it looked like a x-rated movie than a normal movie. Anne got nude in that movie so many times that the beauty of being physical was lost in it. Anne hathaway also has lost her touch in her body. What she used to be she is not anymore. Her goodies were down under and she was looking skinny.

Anne Hathaway has shown before her goodies and they looked good but in her new movie she looked so bizzare and so obvious that the sizzling touch was not there in the movie. Also it looked like a real relationship than a movie. it was like the hero and anne hathaway were having sex classes together perhaps they both are having some kind of relationship.

In reality love sex and drugs a big disappointment overall.

Look at these pictures:

Salma hayek has everything big - Look at the pictures yourself

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