Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kristen Bell will do anything for the stop at Animal Testing


There are rumors that Kristten Bell will do anything for the stop at animal testing. She is planning to make a ngo for animal rights. also she has been seen with other animal activists ngo recently. Kristen says that animals are an important part of our life and we should make them live better lives than use them as a gaurd or business purpose.

She said that is planning to do a walk for animals rights in los angels very soon. And this walk will be interesting. Rumors say that kristen bell will do nude walk. And all other participants who want to be part of this walk have to be nude as well.

The purpose of this walk is that it does not mean that we are stronger than animals so we can do anything, no we cannot. Its purpose is to make people realize that even though they do not have clothes to wear and houses to live in still they are part of our society and walking naked is just for them. That even without clothes they are an important part of lives.

Kristen bell have 5 dogs and 5 cats and she is crazy especially about her one dog named bellorama. She says that he is her best friend and always there in the times of demise and sorrow.

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