Monday, February 21, 2011

Mila Kunis is a Lesbian


There are rumors that Mila Kunis loves her own gender. She is seen these days in a party with her girl friends. They do not just party they also do other stuff as well. And some say that they are into sex. Mila Kunis the famous girl from that 70's show is under attack by media and her fans.

Mila Kunis never ever noticed as a lesbian is now taken as a lesbian sex symbol. The rumors say that she was seen at a lesbian bar as well. The media now a days is after her and want her true statement. Her new movie black swan has some sizzling news as well. its said that she tried to hit on natalie portman. When Mila Kunis was asked she said that she had played a prank on natalie so nothing strange about that.

Since the lesbian news out she has not given any interview to any report or tv. So rumors are becoming true. Also her another movie is coming out which is also about lesbian sex. its production is complete and is under distribution. Its said that all lesbian thing started from there. Everything is kept secret about that movie. Mila Kunis is never found to be such a girl.

Some say that let her be what she wants to be. Lets not disturb her. If she wants to show and get hooked by a girl then whats the problem. Some says she is bi so whats new as many hollywood celebrity are like that.

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