Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 3

There are rumors that poison ivy 3 is being made and again the famous actor of Poison Ivy 2 Alyssa Milano is part of it. In part 2 we all know that Alyssa broke all the rules of engagement. She was young and showed everything to the whole world.

Its said that this time is going to be more bigger and better and more physical. Alyssa is working at the moment on other projects on TV. After a long time she will be seen on big screen and that too on poison ivy 3.

Alyssa in sequel 3 will go all nude again and will have a lot of physical scenes. Other male and female artist are not known yet but its said that Rachel Weisz and Lil Wayne might be the part of this movie The sources say that Alyssa is really happy about the movie and cannot wait for the production to start.

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