Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prediction: A.S.A.D - Astrological Systems on Applied Data - England wins against Netherland Cricket World Cup match 2011

5th Match, Group B
From 14:00 / 22.02.11
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium Nagpur,India Netherlands

Holland has no chance. They never had. As we remember hercelle gibbs hitting six sixes in an over i guess same might happen to holland this time. Netherlands are tough and mentally strong but skills wise they are very weak and this thing makes them vunerable to any team. 

England with their recent form makes them very strong against any opponent. England players like kevin peiterson and paul collingwood will perform really well. Also stuart broad will also perform in bowling with Grame Swann there as a spin king.

Statiscally england would win the match easily. no chance for holland. And when A.S.A.D applied with statistics it makes more easier for england to win the match and most probably out play holland in batting and bowling.

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