Friday, February 25, 2011

A.S.A.D: Zimbabwe beat Canada In world cup 2011


12th Match, Group B
From 09:00 / 28.02.11
Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium Nagpur,IndiaZimbabwe Canada

Even though this is a weak match and not looked with keen eyes, still it will be an interesting one. Zimbabwe as we know are veterans of cricket and canada is still new to it. So who has more chance to win infact who will win. From the looks of it both teams look good and are performing well. But there will be one winner.

Statistically both the teams are on the same page and do not have that much match winning players. But Zimbabwe does have an upper hand. Astrological systems on applied data (A.S.A.D) show that zimbabwe will win the match at the end of the day.

The players to look at are brandon taylor, taintina taibu, coventry.

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