Saturday, February 5, 2011

Raymond Davis - Is about to leave Pakistan ASAP.............


There are rumors that raymond davis will leave pakistan very soon. His passport status has been changed by the government of Pakistan. The government pakistan changed his status as USA government is putting a lot of pressure on the government. And also they have threatened the governemnt that if they had not let him go then they will leave pakistan alone in this world and finally would destroy.

Well pakistan is already getting destroyed. I am sure we will hear the news very soon that Raymond Davis left Pakistan. If this happened i believe it will trigger the revolution in Pakistan. This revolution will  be good or bad for pakistan we have to wait and see.

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Anne Hathaway, Anna Popplewell and Daniel Craig together in the 4th sequel of James bond movie

Anne Hathaway, Anna Popplewell and Daniel Craig together in the 4th sequel of James bond movie


There are some strange things happening in the recent past. Its said that the Daniel Craig will be the hero of james bond series in its 4th sequel. But this time the heroin and villan which they have chosen are really strange. For the first time a full fledge famous hollywood actress will play the role of a villan in the movie.

Well two names are under consideration. The famous narnian girl Anna Popplewell and the Devil wears prada girl Anne Hathaway are the two names for the movie. Its said that both are going to part of the movie.

Now the big question is if both are working in the movie then who is the heroin and who is the villan. From the looks of it and my analysis i believe Anna Popplewell will be the heroin and Anne Hathaway definitely will be the villan.

Only Time will tell.What do you think?

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paris Hilton: Breaking news - Will be Successor of Egyptian Leader....


Paris Hilton wants to act in movie in which she wants to play a role of a leader. This movie is about Egyptian Turmoil 2011. She wants to be the daughter of the Current leader in the movie and want to lead the country as a her father successor.

Man this is something shocking. If this happens i will definitely laugh myself out. Paris Hilton as  Leader of a country. Hahhahahahha

What you say?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baywatch BABE and Action HERO - Pamela Anderson and Jason Statham firing up a hot action to the barbwire sequel with loads of action and hot scenes


Rumors are taking place in hollywood arena about pamela anderson and jason statham. Pamela anderson the famous bay watch girl who also starred in her famous barbwire movie is now going to team up with jason statham in its second sequel.
Pamela Anderson
Jason Statham

This time its going to be more scintillating, more sizzling, more action and more physical counters. There are reports that statham and pamela will perform a very sizzling physical scene. This scene would break records in the sense that audience would love it and would appreciate it a lot.

As we know its statham there is a lot of action in it. The villan is yet to be announced but we have to wait and see if its good to be true. Jason and Pamela together for the first time. It would be nice but there are some critics to these rumors.

Jason young energetic celebrity compared to pamela so would it be nice to team them up. Do they really have any kind of chemistry between them. We know pamela for her looks and Jason for his action but would it really be possible.

Lets wait and watch.

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A guy standing in a line for boarding pass at the Luton International Airport, UK just forgets to............

A guy standing in a line for boarding pass at the Luton International Airport, UK just forgets to............

This is about my friend. I still remember it and could not stop laughing. My friend came to England from Sweden and stayed with me and another comman friend. We showed him around. We went to see the Trafalgar sqaure, the art gallery, central london. Few days passed and it was time for him to go back to sweden for his studies.  He stayed there for a total of 4 days.

Earlier night we asked him that simply go to the airport by himself and do not bother us waking up as we are tired. So he decided to go on his on. He reached the airpot by taxi. Ya we know that we are not good friends at the moment but hey we were tired from party. Anyways he came to the airport and quickly saw the ticket line.

Here comes the funny part. He is waiting and waiting. 10 minutes pass. 20 minus pass. Half an hour is already gone. Now 45 minutes have passed and his turn comes up to get the boarding pass.

Now the Ticket lady at the counter says, "i am very sorry but you were in the wrong cue, your ticket counter is to the right. But sir the plane has already taken off".

Man, he came home and we were surprised at it. Finally he revealed us the whole story and we both could not stop laughing. hahhahahhahaha

My friend is double MA and he was so naive at that time that he forgot to ask in which line he has to get into. hahhahahhaa.

Whenever i remember it i just laugh and laugh and laugh.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

BlackBerry service of Americans Blocked in Pakistan

It is confirmed report that blackberry services of Americans in Pakistan has been blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority). Government of Pakistan is denying that these are just rumors but on the media it is a confirm news that this action has taken place. Also the American Embassy is trying to workout with the Government of Pakistan so that the blackberry services could be resumed.
Raymond Davis in Check Shirt

Reasons by the PTA are not provided to the media but the block is confirm. This action took place as Raymand Davis an American who killed two innocent Pakistanis in self defence. But was it self defence is yet to be confirmed. Dr. Afia Siddiqui killed Americans in self defence but she was tortured for five years and finally given 80 years sentence. As of now Raymand Davis is still in police custody but what happens to him is not sure. Even though Prime Minister secretariat says that there is no news of forgiving Raymand Davis.

Finally its Americans we are talking about so most probably the services will be coming back to online by mid night tonight. So lets wait and see.

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Daniel Radcliffe going crazy for her.......

It is confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe is going to break up with his girl friend olive. Last year there were reports that he would marry his girl friend at the age of 25 and would never let her go at any cost. But now its said that he has a big crush on Georgie Henley. Georgie Henley is the chronicles of narnia fame girl. She has worked in third sequel of the movie which again was a hit.

There are un confirmed reports that they both met a local party. Both looked happy and involved in each other. Daniel is 18 and Georgie Henley is just 15 at the momenet. Is yet to see if this becomes public by Daniel himself or not. Whereas when media approached both Daniel and Georgie they both denied these rumours and said that these are just rumours and one should not believe in them as there is no truth in it.

But paparazzi are working hard to get their shots as the rumors are to be true.  Olive on the other hand when asked she said that there is not truth in this report. Daniel is mine and will always be mine. Its just that we are not getting time to get togather as he is busy in his movies.

Lets see what happens next. If something comes up i will update it asap.

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Justin Bieber Break up - Bye Bye Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have seperated. Reasons are not sure but one of the close of friends of Justin Bieber said that Selena is making Justin's fame worse day by day. Selena is good but not that good compared to him. She is still childish and behaves like one. Justin himself is young but his close friend says that he wants mature relationship that would lead him to more fame and experience.

He cannot give time to Selena who wants to stay with Justin so that she can bring back her fame back. Justin also says that Selena's time is over now and she is history, said by Justin's friend.

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