Monday, August 29, 2011

Jessica Simpson in sushi style

There are rumours about Jessica Simpson that she is going to get semi-nude in Japanese style photography. She is working hard these days to lose weight and to get back in shape. Jessica Simpson is offered this assignment by a Japanese magazine who believes that she still has charm and would look good in it.

She will be semi-nude in Japanese style in a sushi figure. She will be wearing a wrapping sheet that would look like a sushi wrap and would get her photographs taken. The sources say that she is happy about this assignment as she has a fan mail from Japan and she adores Japanese people and loves them.

Jessica Simpson semi-nude, would this world for her? She is fat and she has to lose weight a lot. I think she should focus on her singing career. She is a good singer but out of touch these days. She is pretty and to see her semi-nude, i guess something nice for the soar eyes.

Jessica said no when media asked her about it. She said that she is not into photography of such kind. She does not want to show herself to the world. She said that she loves Japanese and food but that does not mean that to go nude for the sake of money. The rumours say that she is going to get 10$ Million. Lets see when she finally reveals herself again.

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