Monday, August 29, 2011

Jessica Simpson in Tamil Movie

There are rumours that Jessica Simpson is going to work as a heroin in Tamil movie. Well she is at the moment then how come she is going to look good. The thing is that in Tollywood industry the female actress the more fat the much better. And the hero with a moustache is a super hero.

So for this thing she does not need to work hard and does not need to lose weight at all. The producer said that her weight is perfect at the moment she will look good among the hero. The producer said that the offer has been made to her and good amount of money is being offered.

Jessica Simpson at the moment has not agreed to the movie. She said that she has to 100 times before she agrees to the movie. The thing is that the role is good but there is a lot of semi-nude scenes in the movie and also there are some hot and physical scenes which is a little reluctant to it.

Lastly, the producer wants her to do an item number with very nude style clothes that is very revealing. So, for this purpose she is thinking a lot to accept it or not. The rumours say that when the media contacted her she refused it and said that she is concentrating in losing weight.

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