Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baywatch BABE and Action HERO - Pamela Anderson and Jason Statham firing up a hot action to the barbwire sequel with loads of action and hot scenes


Rumors are taking place in hollywood arena about pamela anderson and jason statham. Pamela anderson the famous bay watch girl who also starred in her famous barbwire movie is now going to team up with jason statham in its second sequel.
Pamela Anderson
Jason Statham

This time its going to be more scintillating, more sizzling, more action and more physical counters. There are reports that statham and pamela will perform a very sizzling physical scene. This scene would break records in the sense that audience would love it and would appreciate it a lot.

As we know its statham there is a lot of action in it. The villan is yet to be announced but we have to wait and see if its good to be true. Jason and Pamela together for the first time. It would be nice but there are some critics to these rumors.

Jason young energetic celebrity compared to pamela so would it be nice to team them up. Do they really have any kind of chemistry between them. We know pamela for her looks and Jason for his action but would it really be possible.

Lets wait and watch.

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Anonymous said...

I so hope this is true, but i have a feeling it ain't :/

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