Monday, June 13, 2011

Bar Refaeli with Justin Timberlake

There are rumors that this awesome super model is going to star in a music video of Justin Timberlake. Justin at the moment is recording his new song. The song is about a love relationship that fails because of pregnancy. The story is that the guy did not want the girl to have a baby but the girl got herself pregnant and wanted it.
Bar Refaeli is the girl in this music video.

Justin Timberlake said that he has sung a lot of love song before but this one has a meaning related to the societal issues. As more and more youngsters do not want children and just want a sexual relationship. This is something to worry out. There are rumors that Bar Refaeli will be working in the music video without make up.

And there are rumors related to this music video. Refaeli liked the song so much that she offered to work free in it. At the moment the male star is not confirm as yet. But regarding Refaeli the rumors are becoming true.
When media contacted her she refused to comment on it and said that she is a super star and currently busy in other projects. 

From this answer it does looks like she is not ready for it but the sources close to her and Justin Timberlake say that both have agreed and soon will be shooting for the music video and also the male star name has been kept secret.

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kruemelchen said...

Oh, that's awesome. I love Justin Timberlake!

kruemelchen said...

yeah, that's awesome. Love this guy.

The Cypher Code said...

They are together. Follow to get more news.

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