Monday, January 31, 2011

BlackBerry service of Americans Blocked in Pakistan

It is confirmed report that blackberry services of Americans in Pakistan has been blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority). Government of Pakistan is denying that these are just rumors but on the media it is a confirm news that this action has taken place. Also the American Embassy is trying to workout with the Government of Pakistan so that the blackberry services could be resumed.
Raymond Davis in Check Shirt

Reasons by the PTA are not provided to the media but the block is confirm. This action took place as Raymand Davis an American who killed two innocent Pakistanis in self defence. But was it self defence is yet to be confirmed. Dr. Afia Siddiqui killed Americans in self defence but she was tortured for five years and finally given 80 years sentence. As of now Raymand Davis is still in police custody but what happens to him is not sure. Even though Prime Minister secretariat says that there is no news of forgiving Raymand Davis.

Finally its Americans we are talking about so most probably the services will be coming back to online by mid night tonight. So lets wait and see.

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he should be hannged

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