Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jennifer Aniston reveals her skin finally

There are rumors that for the the first time ever Jennifer Aniston is going to go all nude in her upcoming movie. This is rumor is spreading like hell around the media city of Hollywood. As never seen before Jennifer in such a role where she would strip.

She was offered such roles before but now its final, she is doing it. Jennifer is going to get a lot of money for it. Its not confirm that if its just a nude scene or a nude plus physical scene as well. Guess who is the male artist?
Its said that its going to be Keanu Reeves.

 Keanu Reeves has been quite for a while but finally returning this year with Jennifer Aniston.  So will he be the lucky guy to play with Jennifer for real in a movie or just see her without clothes.

I guess only time will but this news is a little shocker for the fans of Jennifer Aniston. She has never shown intentions to go on stripping in movies but this time her intentions are clear and i guess more sound than ever before.
Read this sizzling news:

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Anonymous said...

She has exposed her breast once before in the movie The Good Girl with costar jake gyllenhall

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