Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prediction: (A.S.A.D - England defeats Ireland in cricket world cup 2011)


15th Match, Group B

From 14:00 / 02.03.11
M Chinnaswamy Stadium Bengaluru,India


Statistically England is very strong team and after looking at the last performance of england cricket team they have shown their class and it look likes they want to win. Andrew Strauss showed his class and is no doubt a match winner.

From statistics England will win the match. And from astrological stars it shows that Ireland has a chance to win the match as well. In the recent fixtures between england and ireland, ireland showed the world that they can beat any team if they work together. Like they did in T20 against england. And england was stunned at that loss.

But i am sure this time England will not let this thing happen again and will show Ireland what they are all about.

A.S.A.D show that england will win the match easily against Ireland.

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