Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shakira’s pyjama drama

There are rumours about Shakira the singer. She is currently working on producing an Arabic album in which all songs would be in Arab theme and language. But recently the rumours say she had a pyjama drama that led to embracement. Shakira was recording her song at the studio when the pyjama drama happened to her.

Shakira came to the studio in her very extreme casual dressing and guess what, it was a pyjama. She was in her night suit and it was a pyjama. Even her studio colleagues and manager were shocked to see what she was wearing as she is professional but showed irresponsibility at that day.

Shakira went into the studio and started singing. She did not look fresh and also without makeup. Well music recording requires fresh mind. Anyways, while recording the song her pyjama fell down. It was really funny for everyone to see it. The pyjama was simple but the panty which she was wearing said that F_CK me.

Hahhahahahhaha. Shakira could not believe that her pyjama got open and fell down. The problem was not the pyjama falling down but it was the wordings written on the underwear (panty). It was really embracing for Shakira. No pictures or video were out but there are rumours that some pictures were and soon they will come to the internet world.

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The Cypher Code said...

she is naughty as well

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