Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Johnny Depp Has a vicious Villan inside him


Johnny Depp is set to play as a villan in james bond movie sequel part 4. Its confirm that he will act as vicious villan whose sole purpose is to destroy life especially arabs. In this movie the story moves around middle east crises and the james bong Daniel Craig will save the middle east from this turmoil. Also there other rumors that Anne Hathaway and Popplewell are also going to act in the 4th sequel. But one of these girls will also participate in the villan act.

We know Johnny Depp no doubt is a great actor and has proven himself with great hits. But to act for the first time in james bond and that too as a villan will be a challenge for him. But i am sure as usual will he will bring out his flare and would stun the audiences

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Anne Hathaway, Anna Popplewell and Daniel Craig together in the 4th sequel of James bond movie

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