Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thora birch seen without her clothes


Thora Birch is all set to perform as a mama in her upcoming movie. Actually rumors say that its a sequel of nanny's diary 2. Wow a mama role. Why Thora. She is still young then why she wants to perform such a role. It is believed that the role of mama would be a of young rich spoled mother who is a metro sexual and got married to a young guy just for money but also gave birth to a son.

Also sources say that she will be completely naked in this movie. She wants to get back on fame and wants to show off as much as the scene demands. She does not mind showing at all the sources say. So many of her fans will be treated as she does have a volupcious figure.

Besides her who else will play is not confirmed yet. Thora birch naked man that is awesome.

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