Friday, February 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian Nude in W magazine

Kim kardashian was crying on a tv show and was confessing the she felt bad later on at what she had done. When she got this assignment she was eager to it. But on some tv channel she confessed that it was a blunder mistake.

She said that i didnt that it would turn out to be bad. I know my body is very beautiful but i did not want to do it but i guess money made me do it. Fans around the world are loving her picture. She is painted in silver and she is completely naked. She wanted to be safe but all her safe side is now gone.

I guess this is just a hoax from her side. She is never been a saint. So i guess she is just making up all this story just to get media hype. Thats what majority of hollwood stars do to get media up by doing something either strange, stupid, wacky or extremely naughty.

This is what Kim Kardashian has done. Ya she looks stunning and about her crying well its not real.

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