Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Attacks the security guard because of sexual frustration in rehab


It is said that Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab. This time she is not in for drugs but for sexual frustration. Due to her flop movies, music and lame personality she's gone into a psychological
dilemma. She is having bad relationships which are making her life worse day by day. She thinks and has started believing that no one wants her and no one likes her body. This is making her feel that she is completely being ignored and her body is getting old.

Because of this she recently attached a security guard at the rehab. It was not that security guard was hitting on her but she wanted to have some sexual relationship but the guard refused so she attacked him. It is said that the guard is going to sue Miss Lindsay Lohan.

Well well. Miss Lindsay always want to stay in news. If this is true or not we will know about it soon. Her close friends say that she wants to get out of this rehab situation asap and this time she wants to reveal everything to the public in her upcoming movie. I guess this is a truely false statement as even in machette movie of Lindsay a duplicate was used to show her body.

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