Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anne Hathaway, Anna Popplewell and Daniel Craig together in the 4th sequel of James bond movie


There are some strange things happening in the recent past. Its said that the Daniel Craig will be the hero of james bond series in its 4th sequel. But this time the heroin and villan which they have chosen are really strange. For the first time a full fledge famous hollywood actress will play the role of a villan in the movie.

Well two names are under consideration. The famous narnian girl Anna Popplewell and the Devil wears prada girl Anne Hathaway are the two names for the movie. Its said that both are going to part of the movie.

Now the big question is if both are working in the movie then who is the heroin and who is the villan. From the looks of it and my analysis i believe Anna Popplewell will be the heroin and Anne Hathaway definitely will be the villan.

Only Time will tell.What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Anne Hathaway? A resounding yes. Anna Popplewell? Just no! She's a midget with cankles and needs loads of make-up to look halfway decent. Chick is a total Monet.

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