Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has bug


Sony Ericsson is in big trouble with their new phone xperia arc by AT & T. Its said that it has a bug which could destory the entire mother board of the phone if that bug gets activated. A bug. Yes a bug
which is said to be installed in its software by competitors. Who would be that competitor?
Is it samsung or nokia.
If this is true then it could become a big setback for sony ericsson. Xperia models before have done well in the market. Would this bug create a set for sony and would its profit fall. If this bug is not rectified and xperia arc comes out to the market not just american market then would definitely create a big drama.
And the fans of sony ericsson would feel dejected who are waiting for Xperia Arc with Andriod 2.3 technoloy.
Only time will tell.

Sony Ericsson’s big comeback could come from this Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" phone with a razor-sharp screen, spectacular camera, and the ability to be manipulated by your TV’s remote control. While the company told us it wants to sell this phone here in the U.S, we’ve put it in last place on this list because Sony Ericsson has a lousy track record of getting its phones picked up by U.S. carriers. If it does appear, the Xperia Arc will most likely show up on AT&T.
Also notable: Sony Ericsson is expected to debut a "PlayStation phone" next month, though we don’t know whether that’s ever coming to the U.S. We should know more when MWC commences on Feb. 13.

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