Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emma Watson (the Harry Potter Girl), Selena Gomez (the young witch) and Mallika Sherawat (Indian Symbol of Fantasy) are getting ready for Playboy.....


There are rumors about the super stars of hollywood and bollywood. It is said that two young stars want to get rid of their bubbly personalities. They say that they are sick and tired of it. Emma Watson the famous star from the Harry Potter series is waiting for the last episode to come out. She just wants to get done with it. She wants to explore herself and want to show the world her real glamour and passion. She admits that Harry Potter gave her the glam sham but she cannot live with that forever. She wants to do more. Like she wants to play naughty for playboy. Its said that she might get dirty for playboy and do something which no one could imagine. Would her fans love it or not. Only time will time.

Another super star of hollywood Selena Gomez wants her bubbly personality out of her life. She too plans to do something crazy which no one would expect from her. She too wants to play for playboy. She is getting ready to finalize the contract with playboy. Yes if this happened it would definitely break the hearts of millions young boys. hehehehhe. But hey she is no more young from her physique. She is no more a child. But problem is that if she goes with this then she will not be able to work in her Tv series.

Again only time will tell.

Now finally the indian super start who is considered to be sex symbol of India Mallika Sherawat. She has already shown that she can do anything and no one can stop her. Like her last movie Hiss she has broken she has almost shown it all. Now its just planning and contract with playboy. The source says that she is upto and wants an international arena for such conduct. And for such conduct playboy magazine is the best solution. Yes there are indian magazines who do such stuff as well but they lack glamour and above all they lack international market exposure.

So Mallika Sherawat, Emma Watson and Selena Gomez ready to do something outstanding.

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