Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mena Suvari as a fitness trainer


Mena Suvari is plan to bring out her video. Video? Actually she is working out a fitness video. She believes that this video will make waves not just in america but all over the world. So what is so special about this video. Rumors are there that a new type of technique has been developed that will help fat man and fat woman to reduce weight. This type of technique involves having some physical relationship.

Its also heard that this fitness video will have fetish category in it. Still it does not mean nudity will be shown in it. Only time will tell if this is really true. But Mena suvari is constantly seen going to gym and meeting different channel and movie producers. Also rumors are that other celebrities will also take part in this video training. But main lead will be played by Mena. Some sources say it might be a daily soap rather than a video training. Wow something awesome would be seen if it is a daily soap.

Mena suvari a new gym instructor with some hot scenes in it would be really interesting to see.

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