Monday, February 7, 2011

Christina aguilera getting ready to work in a movie that is about strippers


Christina Aguilera as we know is an awesome singer but her acting skills are not good. But she is getting ready to work in an upcoming movie that is about a singer cum stripper. The character is about a mid wife who wants to do everything to make her family strong. She tries singing in pubs and clubs but does not make enough money to feed her family. Finally she joins a club that would give her money but she has to sing but has to strip more. She agrees to this fact and gets into stripping.

Rumors are that this is a true story. hmmmmmm

Well only time will tell if this is really a true story or not. But question arises that Christina is not what she used to be. Yes, she is still singing at her best but her physique does not allow her to show skin to the world. Perhaps she might tone up herself again but i have doubts. Like Mariah Carrey i think Christina has also given up on her body.

She is over sized now but hey still hot.

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Emma Watson (the Harry Potter Girl), Selena Gomez (the young witch) and Mallika Sherawat (Indian Symbol of Fantasy) are getting ready for Playboy.....

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