Monday, February 7, 2011

Madonna is out with her Book "Sex 2"


Madonna the pop sensation is working on her new book which is the sequel of her first book called "Sex". Wow what more she is going to offer. She already went to great heights in her first book, so what special will be about this book.

Its heard that this time she will be not alone. She will be with her friends, previous boyfriends and relationships. Relationships what? Is Madonna a Lesbo. I mean majority of hollywood male actors are gay could she also be into this category.

Madonna a Lesbo. Will her fans accept this if this is really true. Madonna no doubt is an awesome singer and she has done and achieved so much in her life which no other female singer has ever done before. Would her new book break the records of Harry Potter.

Will her new book be the Harry potter of sex. Only time will tell.

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