Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iphone 6 is making Steve Job worried


Iphone 5 is all set to come to the market soon. But Apple's focus is not the iphone 5 because they already know that they will succeed with it but now they are working on Iphone 6. What so special about iphone 6 that worries steve jobs.

Its said that iphone 6 will set the highest standards of any mobile phone every built in the world. It will work 10 times more faster than iphone 5, and this time iphone 6 will not just be made for america and europe but also asian markets will have the privileged as well. It means it will be available for everyone. This shows no more unlock and factory codes and no more limitations at all for anyone and any country's mobile network.

The worry is that iphone was not made for everyone but now iphone 6 it is. Would iphone 6 lose its mark and image. Would it become a third class phone. But there are positives as well and that everyone will be a user of this phone from now on. Another issue is the price. Would it increase or go down

These are somethings that worry Steve Jobs:

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