Monday, August 29, 2011

Paris Hilton bikini blunder

There are rumours that Paris Hilton was doing a photo shoot at a French Beach. The photo shoot was arranged by a private brand related to lingerie. They had hired Paris Hilton for this purpose as she is famous and liked by many in Europe. The company also believes that she is the most appropriate person for this photo shoot as she has the body curves and the cute looks.

During the photo shoot a bikini blunder took place. She was in the water wearing a beautiful two piece bikini in pink colour. She was in water when she under wear came off. At the side of her panty it had a small robe and because of which the underwear was attached to the body. But it suddenly open and the whole wide world there enjoy her curvy ass.

Paris did not realise it first that something happened and she was keep on posing for the pictures. Even the photographer had not realized it till the co-workers told about the blunder that happened. Paris was told about it and she could not believe what had happened. She quickly put her hand on her ass and in front and rushes towards to grab a towel.

Paris was embarrassed but also enjoyed the situation. Paris later on looked at the picture and also asked the photographer to delete those naughty and naked photos. There are rumours that these pictures are going to be sold to a magazine and Paris Hilton does not know about this. When she got the news she got angry and wants to get her hands on the pictures.

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