Monday, August 29, 2011

Ayesha Takia returns in an item flick

There are rumours that Ayesha Takia is returning to the movie industry after a long time as an item flick than an actor. She has been approached by a Tamil producer who wants to cast her in the movie as an item song. She herself wanted to return in the movies but as an item number. She has told her close friends that no more movies but only item songs or just guest appearances.

The item song number is told to be the best among all. The producer has told his media friends that she is going to be an awesome look for the whole Indian cinema industry. She will perform which no one has performed before .There are rumours that Ayesha Takia will go to her limitless do strange things in the item song.

The rumours say that she is going to do belly dancing, wear mini skirts with many upskirts and also she is going to have a lot of boob shakes. Ayesha Takia is not doing it to get back into fame as she always will be. The rumours say she is doing it for the money. The producer has offered to pay her 30 crore Indian Rupees just for that item song.
The media approached Ayesha about it but she said no these are just rumours and she is not coming back to the movies ever.

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