Monday, August 29, 2011

Katrina Kaif is the enemy of the state

There are rumours that Katrina Kaif is going to work in the sequel of the movie the enemy of the state with Will Smith. These are just rumours at the moment but many are saying that it is true. She has been offered to work as a lead female artist. Other male and female artists are not known yet. She has been offered 10$ million to work in the movie.

It is the highest amount every being paid to an Indian actor. She will be the lucky one to work. There are other artists who have worked in Hollywood such as Kabir Bedi, Om puri and many more. Katrina Kaif when approached by the media about the movie, she just said that they are rumours and there is not reality in it.

Well media did take some pictures when they asked the question and in the pictures she was giving a cheeky smile. So, this means that something is going on. The day she got famous she said bye bye to Salman Khan. She had as she is a big star. She is successful even without being nude. And the day she feels that she is losing her stardom she will go to that length as well.

Katirina Kaif the new enemy of the state. It will be a good movie i am sure as Will Smith is acting in it and he is a good actor.

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