Monday, August 29, 2011

Mariah Carey in weight trauma

There are rumours that Mariah Carey is under immense pressure about her over weight. She is in a trauma as she is trying to lose her weight but still she could not help herself. She did on and off training sessions but to no avail. There was a time when she was considered as the best sexy singer of all times. Her voice is still no doubt one of the best but her figure now is like of a big cow.

Mariah Carey is trying her best but due to pressure is into a lot of heaving alcohol. The rumours say that her close friends and colleagues have revealed that she cries over her situation. Whenever she sees her music videos or interviews on TV she simply cries. And she cries more when she sees her earlier life where she was slim, smart and very sexy.

Mariah Carey is getting her hands on the best fitness trainer these days. She is ready to spend even millions to get her dream life back. Her music has no problem; the only problem she got is her over weight. Some media personal say that many like her over weight as her goodies have also grown big.

But if you ask this from Mariah Carey if she likes her boobs to big, ass to be humongous she would simply cry out loud. The rumours say that even though she is in pressure she has not stopped her music life and after a long hard thought she has finally decided to stop taking alcohol and drug. The rumours say that she wants to come back to her normal life and want to compete with other singers not just in singing but also in sexy looks.

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