Monday, August 29, 2011

Karishma Kapoor bikini wallpaper

There are rumours that Karishma Kapoor is thinking to sign a contract with King Fisher. We all know that through the world King Fisher is famous for developing yearly bikini calendar. This time they are planning to do it with stars as well. They have asked Karishma Kapoor to be part of it. They have offered her good amount of money to work for them.

Karishma Kapoor in bikini hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We know she used to be fit in the movies. From her first movie she looked like a tom boy but in her last movie she was awesome. She improved a lot. But has she maintained herself since her marriage or she has gone over weight. The rumours say that she is still pretty.

Karishma Kapoor is anwesome sexy artist and to see her in bikini would be awesome as well. She has not shown herself nude or semi-nude in movies or anywhere else but this is something which King Fisher really wants to happen. The calendar will not only highlight Karishma Kapoor in bikini but also to some extent she will be semi-nude.

The last King Fisher calendar was awesome and the models were sexy. This time they want to put Karishma and i think she will make it look sexy as well and as she has gained weight which makes her look sexier.

Read this sizzler:

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